One of The Family


Alessio Maria Federici


Andrea Garello, Giacomo Ciarrapico, Alessio Maria Federici




Pietro Sermonti, Lucia Ocone, Sara Felberbaum, Nino Frassica

Production crew

Photography: Roberto Forza
Scenery: Luca Merlini
Costumes: Cristiana Agostinelli
Editing: Christian Lombardi

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Live sound: Filippo Porcari
Make-up: Bruno Tarallo
Hairstyles: Fabrizio Nanni
Music: Rodrigo D’Erasmo
VFX: Pasquale Di Viccaro
Production manager: Sabina Bianchini
Executive producer: Antonella Viscardi


Cinemaundici and Warner Bros. Entertainment Italia


Warner Bros. Pictures



One day, by chance, a 43-year-old elocution teacher saves the life of one of his students, who turns out to be the descendant of a powerful Calabrian criminal family, now in debt with him. The teacher will become “one of the family”, with all the tragicomic consequences such an event can entail. In the life of Luca and his girlfriend Regina, the ruthless Aunt Angela called "Della Morte" and the boss of the "fammigghia" Peppino Serranò... the man to which no one can say no! Misconceptions and tragicomic events take place in history involving friends, acquaintances and enemies of Luca. It is not always an advantage to be "One of The Family".

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