Laura Morante


Daniele Costantini, Laura Morante




Laura Morante, Francesco Pannofino, Marco Giallini

Production crew

Photography: Fabio Zamarion
Scenography: Luca Merlini
Costumes: Agata Cannizzaro
Editing: Esmeralda Calabria

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Live sound: Alessandro Rolla
Make-up: Enrico Iacoponi
Hairstyles: Alberta Giuliani
Music: Nicola Piovani
VFX: Amedeo Califano
Production manager: Francesco Ruggeri
Executive producer Elisabetta Olmi


Cinemaundici and Elafilm with Rai Cinema


Warner Bros. Pictures



Flavia, more than fifty years old, faces life as a single person for the first time, after two marriages from which she had two children, and a final stormy relationship with a hopelessly married man. The business, not easy for any woman, is particularly difficult for her, plagued by pathological insecurity, which has made her dependent on everyone: from ex-husbands, from children, from despotic friends, and from the two wives of ex-husbands, unsurpassable female models, which Flavia strives to emulate. Her bumpy journey towards autonomy and the recovery of her self-esteem, under the guidance of his psychoanalyst, passes through the innumerable attempts to obtain the license and the clumsy approaches to the practice of auto-erotism. At the same time, Flavia seeks comfort in the relationship with the neighbors' dog and accepting the rough advances of an unpresentable work colleague.

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