Alessio Maria Federici


Antonio Di Bonito, Cecilia Gragnani, Jvan Sica, Roberto Volpe



Production crew

Photography: Martino Pellion di Persano
Editing: Christian Lombardi
Live sound: Fabio Felici
Music: Roberto Procaccini
Production manager: Giovanna Nicolai


Cinemaundici in association with Rancilio Cube


Warner Bros. Pictures



June 30, 1984 seems like a day like many others. Perhaps in the rest of the world but not in Naples, that is the day of Maradona's "advent". Naples is and always will be the city where everything seems more beautiful or uglier than it is, but above all the city where so many men have become something more: symbols, heroes, saints. The people of Naples protect their icons until they become a weapon of affirmation and identification. Maradona is one of these and he gives to all the Neapolitans, from the most aristocratic to the poorest, that drop of happiness that will make them live better. Maradona remains in Naples 7 years and above all he lives the dreams of all the Neapolitans. It will become an icon, a myth ... a saint. And today? Maradonapoli tells this, looking in every corner of the city for an image of him, an object that reminds him, listening to people about what it means Maradona in this city.

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