Edoardo Gabbriellini


Edoardo Gabbriellini, Michele Pellegrini




Margherita Corradi, Giorgia Frank, Alessandro Tedeschi, Alice Arcuri, Alessia Giuliani, Flavio Furno

Production Crew

Photography: Amine Messadi

Scenography: Marcella Mosca

Costumes: Marta Passarini

Editing: Walter Fasano

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Live sound: Paolo Giuliani

Make-up: Francesca Buffarello

Hairstyles: Daniela Tartari

Production manager: Alberto Sammarco


Vision Distribution e Cinemaundici in collaborazione con The Apartment Pictures e Frenesy Film


Vision Distribution


23 - 24 - 25 ottobre 2023

During the height of the summer vacation on the Italian Riviera, a small tourist hotel plays host to not only enthusiastic vacationers but also to 20-year-old Veronica, who has recently been released from prison. After being accused of murdering her mother and her mother's married lover, Veronica must endure the judgments of both the National and Local Press, as well as those of everyone she encounters in this small tourist town. Although she has been acquitted, her openly turbulent relationship with her youth-obsessed mother convinces very few of her innocence. The only two people in Veronica's life who believe her are her loving father and her best friend, Giada. Or do they?

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