torneranno i prati
by Ermanno Olmi
Genre: War drama
Status: Post-Production
Distribution: 01 Distribution
Realease Date: November 6th 2014
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On the occasion of First World War centenary in 2014, Ermanno Olmi revisits the famous battle of Asiago, fought between Austrian and Italian forces on the Alpine Front.


The scene takes place on the Italian Northeastern Front in 1917 during World War I where events occur in one single night.

The story that develops is unpredictable; it shows the long idle moments of the war, where moved by fear at time one can only sing. The peaceful scenery of the snowy mountains becomes a place of death and sorrow.

Since the past belongs to memory, then each one of us can evoke it through its own judgment.

Technical Cast / Production

Written by: Ermanno Olmi
Directed by: Ermanno Olmi
Cinematography: Fabio Olmi
Costumes by: Andrea Cavalletto
  with the friendly supervision Maurizio Millenotti
Editing by: Paolo Cottignola
Produced by: Cinemaundici
  Ipotesi Cinema
  in collaboration with Rai Cinema and with the support of MiBACT
  with the support of the Presidency of the Council of the Ministers
Distribution: 01 Distribution
International Sales: RAI COM


  Claudio Santamaria
  Alessandro Sperduti
  Francesco Formichetti
  Andrea Di Maria
  Camillo Grassi
  Niccolò Senni
  Domenico Benetti
  Andrea Benetti
  Carlo Stefani
  Niccolò Tredese
  Franz Stefani
  Andrea Frigo
  Igor Pistollato