In 1998 Luigi Musini and Roberto Cicutto joined director Ermanno Olmi, in the production company Cinemaundici. Together they have co-produced Jacques Rivette’s “Histoire de Marie et Julien”, “Ne touchez pas la hache” and “36 Vues du Pic Saint Loup”, Otar Ioselliani’s “Lundi matin” and “Jardins en Automne”, and Ermanno Olmi’s “Il mestiere delle armi”, “Cantando dietro i paraventi” and “Centochiodi”.

In 2010 Cinemaundici produced Sergio Castellitto’s film “La bellezza del somaro”, distributed by Warner Bros.

In 2011 Luigi Musini became the sole owner of the company. That same year Cinemaundici presented at the Venice Film Festival Ermanno Olmi’s film “Il villaggio di cartone”. The film was also presented at the Toronto Film Festival and at the Busan Film Festival.

From 2012 Olivia Musini has joined the company, helping Luigi Musini in the production of the latest features and bringing specific attention to the development of new projects.

Productions completed in 2014 include “Black Souls” by Francesco Munzi, Vincenzo Salemme’s “…E fuori nevica”, “Torneranno i prati” by Ermanno Olmi and “Wondrous Boccaccio” by Paolo and Vittorio Taviani and "Solo" by Laura Morante in 2015.

The productions of 2017 include: "Maradonapoli" by Alessio Maria Federici, a documentary film that tells the passion of the people of Naples for their great football idol; "Couple Therapy for Lovers", directed by Federici and based on the novel of the same name by Diego De Silva; "Equilibrium" directed by Vincenzo Marra, selected for the Venice Days at the 75th Venice Film Festival.

Most recently Cinemaundici produced “Sulla mia pelle”, a compelling drama based on a death-in-custody case that has been shaking Italy’s public opinion for the past nine years. The film was selected as opening film of the Orizzonti Section at the 75th Venice Film Festival and launched day-and-date worldwide as Netflix Original. The film was awarded four David di Donatello Awards for Best Producer, Best Leading Actor (Alessandro Borghi), Best First-time Director (Alessio Cremonini), and the David Giovani Award for Best Picture assigned by a young audience of +6000 spectators. 

In the same year Cinemaundici produced "One of The Family", a comedy by Alessio Maria Federici distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures, starring Pietro Sermonti and Lucia Ocone.

Cinemaundici is currently in post production with the film “My Body Will Bury You”, a western pulp that has won the New Cinema Network Best Project Award within the frame of the Rome MIA Market in 2015.



2018 SULLA MIA PELLE by Alessio Cremonini

2018 UNO DI FAMIGLIA by Alessio Maria Federici 

2017 EQUILIBRIUM by Vincenzo Marra

2017 COUPLES THERAPY FOR LOVERS by Alessio Maria Federici 

2017 MARADONAPLES by Alessio Maria Federici

2015 SOLO by Laura Morante

2014 WONDROUS BOCCACCIO by Paolo and Vittorio Taviani


2014 BLACK SOULS by Francesco Munzi (winner of 9 David di Donatello Awards)

2014 ...E FUORI NEVICA by Vincenzo Salemme

2014 LAST SUMMER by Leonardo Guerra Seràgnoli

2011 IL VILLAGGIO DI CARTONE by Ermanno Olmi

2010 LA BELLEZZA DEL SOMARO by Sergio Castellitto

2009 CHRISTINE CRISTINA by Stefania Sandrelli

2008 36 VUES DU PIC SAINT LOUP by Jacques Rivette (Venice FF ’09 – In Competition)

2007 NE TOUCHEZ PAS LA HACHE by Jacques Rivette

2007 CENTOCHIODI by Ermanno Olmi (Silver Ribbons, David of Donatello Awards, Cannes FF)

2006 JARDINS EN AUTOMNE by Otar Iosseliani (Roma FF)

2004 HISTOIRE DE MARIE ET JULIEN by Jacques Rivette

2003 CANTANDO DIETRO AI PARAVENTI (Singing Behind the Screens) by Ermanno Olmi (3 David of Donatello Awards)

2002 IL DERVISCIO by Alberto Rondalli

2001 IL MESTIERE DELLE ARMI (The Profession of Arms) by Ermanno Olmi (9 David of Donatello awards, 4 Silver Ribbons, Cannes FF In Competition)